Monday, November 17, 2014

Weather... or not

I have not, yet, complained on this blog about the massive cold snap we've seen in Minnesota. Even though the temperatures and wind chills of the past week or so have been the kind of things we typically see in January - and are a full 20 or more degrees below average.

I haven't complained about having to wear my "dead of winter" coat because nothing else keeps me warm.

I haven't mentioned that my hands feel like I've coated them in sandpaper or that the outer brick wall of my office at work is cold enough that it actually creates a sort of downdraft across my desk.

I haven't even pointed out that, at this rate, we could end up with a full 5 months of the year with snow on the ground, since usually the November snows melt after just a few days and aren't replaced until December.

But... if the weather doesn't turn around soon, there is a very good chance that I'll mention all of that in the very near future.

I thought you deserved appropriate warning.

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