Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bad Quote Quotient - Part 1 of 5

I have been working on the same manuscript for the past four months. Yes, four. Usually, I work on one - or four - manuscripts per month. But I've been working on this one manuscript (okay, with other tasks along the way) for the past four months.

As you might imagine, a manuscript of that length lent itself to some doozies of bad quotes. After some serious consideration, I've decided to post a few of the best over the next few days.

You'll definitely want to tune in for the final one in the list (and, you know, all the rest, obviously).

Oh. I should mention that the book has a Biblical background. In part 3 of 5, I'll be posting a couple of things which are a tad off-color, if you read them as written. (I'll remind you of that warning at the start of that post.)

Let's start with some of the ones that are just weirdly written:

  • How comes that the dead body which has no faith got healing?
  • Whether you have made the good choice by choosin3g this, or have choose the other... (yes, the 3 is from the original)
  • ... as it is wtitten...
 And the final one for today is a particularly Christmas-y typo:

  • "Lord, who may dwell in your holly hill?"

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