Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Baker's Dilemma - Frosting

It is impossible to make just the right amount of frosting. There is always either too little or too much of it.

As someone who has dealt with the trauma of having too little - which almost always seems to happen when it's a colored frosting which will be impossible to duplicate - these days I pretty much always aim for having too much.

SO close!
But then you get done frosting whatever you're frosting and you have a leftover mound of amazing sugary goodness. It's never quite enough to use for something else, and yet there's always just enough left that you'd feel guilty to throw it out.

I admit that tonight's problem was caused by the corollary dilemma of not wanting to bake a partial sheet pan of cookies. The batch of cookie dough I made makes just over 8 dozen cookies. We have 4 cookie sheets, each of which can hold 2 dozen cookies. So when I was done filling the fourth sheet, I looked at the cookie dough still in the bowl and debated whether I wanted to spend another 15 minutes watching about 5 cookies bake, or whether I should just throw out the rest of the dough.

Had I not chosen option #2, I definitely would have gotten closer to using all of the frosting from tonight (and had less of a dilemma). But I had other things to bake - at a higher temperature - and didn't want to wait. So the dough went into the trash, and I ended up with leftover frosting.

The cookie is there for size comparison - and because I also didn't have enough room on my cooling/drying rack for that one last cookie.
It probably should have followed the dough into the trash - and it might, yet - but for now it's in the fridge. No idea whatsoever what I'm going to do with it.

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Robin said...

Not a problem - eat it a spoonful at a time for snacks! (I should have posted this anonymously!