Thursday, September 4, 2014

Serious Comedy in Musical Theater

Christopher and I went to see "The Book of Mormon" tonight, and although I kind of knew what to expect, I didn't quite know what to expect. 

You see, you hear everyone talking about how funny it is. How the show is so irreverent. How you laugh all the way through it. How the guys are all kind of geeky/nerdy hot. 

But you never hear about how amazing some of the songs are. Or how touching some of the scenes are. 

I had heard the discussions about whether or not is was kind of sacrilegious (it is), but how it is also kind of honest about Mormonism (it is). 

But no one ever mentioned how much it's simply about faith and beliefs. And - in some weird ways - good triumphing over evil. 

Yes, I laughed a lot. Yes, I was grossed out by some of the "South Park-style" humor. But I was also surprisingly moved by some of the rest of it. 

And that was good. Because I think that if there are some people who go to it only looking for a laugh and leave there having felt something a little deeper, that's a good thing. 

And - at the heart of it - I think that's what musical theater is kind of supposed to do most of the time. Not all the time. But sometimes. 

(Oh, and - yes - some of the guys really are kind of geeky/nerdy hot, too.)

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