Sunday, May 31, 2015

Suggestive Planting

I've spent a decent amount of time on the yard/garden this spring. Not as much as many people we know, but a number of hours over a few weekends. Today I pulled out a couple of shrubs, did a bunch of weeding, fixed the backyard gate, and pruned a few trees. And I put some flowers - which I purchased on Friday - into the ground. (I may or may not whine about my gardening aches on Tuesday...)

I figure that you need to get plants in the ground within a few days of buying them. Kind of like how you're supposed to use or freeze chicken within a certain number of days after bringing it home from the grocery store.

Before Mother's Day, I had done a bunch of shopping, and most of those plants sat in the garage for about three days before being planted. Then, as I started getting them going, I put the pots around the yard so that I could get an eye for what I was doing before committing myself.

In its way, this suggests the future plantings and lets me know what I'm getting myself into. I say all this to explain that I understand the idea of putting the pots in place before planting.

One of our neighbors, however, seems to be taking this suggestive planting to the next level.

Each day this week when I've walked the dog, I've seen that there are new pots stationed around her yard and the boulevard along the sidewalk. It started as a single potted shrub. Then about three of them spaced around the yard. Those migrated to the boulevard on the third day.

Today, while the shrubs are still hanging out on the side of the house, a couple of pots of decorative grasses appeared along the front steps. I can't wait to see what will show up in a few weeks as annual plants start to go on sale.

I guess it does save on recycling if you never actually take them out of the pots, right?

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