Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Metaphorical Issues

There are times when you really shouldn't talk about things because of the people who may or may not be involved. For once, I'm going to succumb to that social more (which I really wanted to spell "moray" - like the eel) and use a metaphor, instead.

You know how, sometimes, you hear a song on the radio and really like it? At that point, the song is still new, and you don't hear it much and so it's exciting and fun.

Then, over time, you start to hear the song over and over and other people start telling you how great the song is. And you come to a point where you just can't stand it and want it to go away.

That's not fun.

Then everyone keeps telling you how great the song is, which seems to happen just at the point when you're starting to realize that it's not as good as you once thought it was. But everyone keeps talking about it and wanting to sing it to you.

And everyone who isn't singing that song starts to resent it. Soon you might want to toss that song right out the window at work. Or challenge it to a sing-off. Or... something equally bad.

Metaphorically speaking.

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