Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Flowers

When I lived in Paris (many years ago for about 9 months), one of my favorite small splurges was to stop at the corner shop that sold flowers once each week (or two) and buy a bouquet to take home.

I shared a very small apartment, so even just a few flowers could make a very big difference. Most of the time it was daisies - which are fresh and sunny, and also tend to last a while.

Now, all these years later, the grocery store closest to us has nice flowers, and so I pick them up for the house every couple of weeks. Typically, though, now I'm picking up roses, because the roses are 10 stems for 10 dollars, and there's something incredibly decadent about buying roses for the house every few weeks.

Christopher and I are hosting a gathering of sorts tomorrow night, and so I was in the store looking for flowers. I had thought I would get some carnations and roses, since they make a nice arrangement, but the carnations were all shades of orange or pink - not exactly what I was looking for.

Then I walked back around the corner and noticed the white daisies with their yellowy-green centers. They were almost the same color as some yellow roses with tinges of green which I had noticed in amongst all of the "normal" rose colors.

So tomorrow night's arrangements will be a past/present combo of daisies and roses, with just a hint of spring thrown in in the middle of the coldest week of winter.

Sounds about perfect to me.

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