Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Don't Hate Winter

I really don't hate winter. I don't.

It's one of the seasons. And I like the fact that Minneapolis has all four seasons.

Fall wouldn't be so urgent if we didn't have winter. Spring wouldn't be so exciting if we didn't have winter.

We wouldn't have anything to say "Just wait until winter" about on hot summer days.

The problem, I have realized, is that I also don't really like winter. What I do like is being able to say that I have survived it.

It's a badge of honor to get to work on a snowy day and be able to tell people that I did.

It's strangely exciting to look at a weather forecast that is predicting 48 hours or more all below zero and think "we can do this - after all, the next day it's going to be a balmy 10 degrees."

So, no, I don't hate winter. I just wish it didn't stick around quite so long - which is a frustrating thought in mid-January.

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