Sunday, January 13, 2013

Letting the Sleeping Dog Lie

It has been a very social weekend around here. A lovely brunch, two very fun dinners, and a trip to Costco. We have been tearing it up.

More importantly, though, the pup went with us to dinner tonight. She spent the evening making a new friend with a Goldendoodle (who, ironically, is black) who is only about 7 months old - but twice our pup's size. And more than twice her energy.

We're used to ours being the dog with the most energy. But ours is not a dog who really likes the company of other dogs. She prefers people. (She was like that when we adopted her at the age of 6, so we figure we're not going to change that.) And being around an actual puppy... well... that was apparently exhausting for her.

Right now, she is completely asleep next to me on the couch, atop a piled up afghan. When I reach over and scratch her ears, she moves just enough to make sure I get the best spot, but otherwise doesn't even open her eyes.

This is the way weekends are supposed to end, though, isn't it? You go out and be social, you have a very nice time seeing people and running errands, and then, tuckered out, you settle in to get your sleep and start a new week.

Definitely going to let the sleeping pup lie - in the hopes that she'll return the favor at about 5 tomorrow morning.

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