Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Prep

I guess it's time to admit that we're moving into fall pretty seriously. After all, we are technically a month into it.

But when you have really weird, warm weather at the start of October, it's hard to think about fall and winter. A week ago, Sunday was a gorgeous day, so - of course - I spent it in the basement doing work. This weekend was... not quite so gorgeous.

Unfortunately, since I had worked in the house last weekend, this weekend I had to go out into the yard. I started to go out yesterday afternoon, and looked outside to see a sudden downpour. Because that's the kind of thing that happens in October. (Seriously, I'm just glad it wasn't snow...)

An hour later, I finally headed out. I swept out the garage and moved all of the "yard liquids" into the basement. I hauled in the hoses after trying to empty them. I covered the A/C. And - the saddest part - I took out all of the dying annuals from the flower beds.

The part that bugs me every year is cutting back the peonies. I know that I could leave them until spring, but then in the spring they've gotten all slimy after being under snow for 4 months. So I went out and cut them back, yesterday. So all of the great big bushes (which, granted, had started to look pretty sad after a hail storm in August/September) are now just little stubs. And the yards (both front and back) look kind of naked.

I know it's for the best. After all, in 5 months or so I'll be out there, again, laying down fertilizer and hoping for warm days and watching for sprouts. But right now... sigh...

You'll forgive me as I go eat a box of Girl Scout cookies... After all, it's feed a cold, starve a fever, binge to fend off seasonal affective disorder, right?

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