Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Follow-Up

Okay, so I've actually gotten some responses, lately, and I've meant to write back to people, but things keep getting away from me. It's times like this that it's a really good thing I don't keep chickens, because all I'd have left by now is an empty coop...


There were a lot of responses to the "Barefoot..." post. A lot of people seemed to come down on the "Eww" side of things. But there were some notable "What's wrong with that?" responses. Mostly from people who spend much of their lives barefoot, but probably wouldn't take off their shoes in a movie theater. But one person did say that she takes off her shoes in the theater - and puts her feet on her shoes on the floor. That, actually, sounds perfectly fine to me. The people in the movie theater with us that night, though, had their shoes off and nowhere near their feet. Which still cranks the "Eww" factor way up for me.

I also had a question or two about the close call I mentioned in the "Manic Monday..." post. I am happy to report - more clearly this time - that we only had a close call. No contact between cars was made. I'm very happy about that. I'm also happy that I had no cavities at that trip to the dentist.

I was reminded, last week, that I haven't posted any actual Alaska travel pictures - I've only posted the food pictures in the "Travel Food..." post. I swear that I plan to remedy that in the immediate future. (Please refer back to the chicken-keeping analogy in the first paragraph.)

And, finally, something which has nothing to do with any posts except this one. I'm working on an edit right now which... well... the entire manuscript could be one huge Bad Quote Quotient entry. It's as if the author was writing it with voice recognition software which was set to pidgin English (except that he spelled it "pigeon" English - not kidding). The problem is that when you're fixing that much of a manuscript, it's just not funny after a little while. It's more sad than anything. Well... Mostly. Because occasionally you come across a gem like this:

There was a chicken coup in the backyard.

Which immediately made me wonder "Was it organized, or fly-by-night?" and "Did he know he might be sheltering a few bad eggs?" and "Was it something about the pecking order?"

But truly amazingly bad quotes, in a sea of just normally bad writing, are hard to come by. So I'm kind of looking forward to my next decent manuscript with that one perfect gem in it. I'll keep you posted.

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