Monday, October 14, 2013

Manic Monday Morning

I've been thinking about this all day, so I decided to share it with you folks.

I had to leave early this morning to drive to St. Paul for a dental check-up. You see, when I moved out here, I lived in St. Paul, so I found a great dentist over there. But then I moved to Minneapolis five years ago. And, unfortunately, I also started a job since then  which requires me to be at work by precisely 9am.

So I'm left with the option of going to the dentist very early (their first appointment is at 7:30am), or very late (but their final appointment is about 4pm). If I do the 7:30 appointment, I have a chance of getting to work by 9 and not missing any time. So that's what I try to do.

Today, that meant I left home at about 6:45, when it was still mostly dark out. I reached the end of our block, looked both ways (remember - it was dark out), and started to turn the corner. At which point a red car - with no lights on - pulled into the lane next to me.

As near as I can figure, the red car had been parked at the curb and pulled out just before I turned, but without turning its lights on. So it basically pulled out right in my blind spot, then accelerated past me as I turned the corner.

I have to admit that that kinda got my adrenaline going for the morning. Just what everyone needs for a trip to the dentist. Right?

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