Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fading Daisies

I know that we've discussed how much I enjoy fresh flowers. I actually bought some just yesterday as a "welcome home" for Christopher, in fact.

And, at the same time, I went through the house and threw out most of the remaining flowers from Christopher's birthday a couple of weeks ago. Well... The roses had long since faded and been binned, but the daisies were holding on strong.

Sort of.

For whatever reason, different vases of daisies gave up the fight at different times. By yesterday, I was down to just one vase. So I moved it to a better location in the house, and put the new roses into "pride of place" and went about my day.

Today, however, the last of the daisies are looking a bit sad. The yellow centers are turning dark. The petals are starting to get a bit limp. The water... well... it went from pure and clear to *not* in the course of the past day.

I know I need to throw them out before they start to smell unpleasant and drop petals everywhere. But... I keep hoping that they'll have just one more day in them. I think that this time it's because outside we're getting hit with 6-12 inches of snow, and a gradual drop in temps that will take us from 30s today to a high of around 2 during the middle of next week.

In mid-summer when there are flowers in bloom everywhere it's much easier to move on.

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