Saturday, February 8, 2014

Supply and Demand

I think we've discussed that I really like having fresh flowers in the house. It's a habit I picked up when I lived in Paris not quite half my life ago.

Last weekend, because we were having some people over, I picked up a combination of daisies and roses and put them around the house. Most of them are still looking pretty good.

Luckily, I went shopping last weekend, and not this weekend. While we were out running errands today I saw that one of the local flower shops had roses, which were $9.99 for 10 last week, now selling for $29.99.

Yes, I like flowers. Yes, I like Valentine's Day. No, I don't buy into buying flowers at outrageous prices just because it's Valentine's Day.

I'll be back to flower shopping in a couple of weeks, when the prices go back to normal and I'm buying them because I want them - not because some marketers want me to.

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