Friday, May 16, 2014

Hazy Can Be Good

I've been told that this year's allergy season is the worst in years. I assume it's because the winter was so cold that everything - trees, grasses, etc. - is throwing off pollen at the same time.

So while my sinuses are unhappy due to the weather, my allergies are also going wonky. Have I mentioned, lately, that Sudafed makes me kind of drowsy? Sure, it dries out my nose, but sometimes that is a difficult trade-off for being a little fuzzy around the edges. And it does nothing for my allergies.

For my allergies, I go for Benadryl. Which also makes be drowsy. So for the same reason that I can't take two Sudafed at the same time, I also can't take Sudafed and a Benadryl both at the same time. Leaving me with the dilemma of having to choose between sneezing and itchy eyes OR sinus pain and pressure.

Except, of course, if it's almost time for bed. When I can take both and not worry about nodding off.

Have I mentioned that I'm writing this post at almost 10:30 at night? Yeah... I think we'll work on a longer, more interesting post next time.

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