Sunday, May 18, 2014

Perhaps Not the Best Idea

Remember how, a couple of days ago, I was talking about my sinuses and my allergies?

Well, they're still acting up. But it was a pretty nice weekend this weekend, and so I found myself, today, deciding to go out to the garden stores to buy some things to work on our planting beds.

I made sure to take a Benadryl before going, and headed out. I was doing pretty well, I thought, but as I was wandering around the third store (I was on a quest for a specific item which I couldn't find anywhere), I realized that my eyes were getting a little sore.

By the time I got home, I was back to being itchy and sore. So nothing I purchased was put into the ground, today.

At the rate I'm going - and considering what the weather has been like - I suspect my allergies will clear up and I'll get things taken care of sometime in August.

Or maybe I'll just start wearing a surgical mask every time I go outside.

Though that may not be the best idea, either.

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