Saturday, May 10, 2014

When the To-Do List isn't To-Done

Today was an odd day, as far as my to-do list went.

Christopher - though still not up to par - went with me to a Matisse exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. And it was amazing. But it was also exhausting for him (his first time out of the house, really, since our trip to Urgent Care on Wednesday night). So after that I dropped him off at home and went about the rest of the days errands.

There was some shopping in need of being done at the grocery store. And a coupon to use at Sur la Table. And some yard stuff we needed from our neighborhood Ace Hardware (because we try to shop at Ace more than Home Depot whenever possible). And I came home and checked in and then sent Christopher off to a nap.

While he did that, I put down the crab grass preventer/yard fertilizer and put the "cages" around our peonies. And then drove to one of the nearby garden centers to see if they had the things we want for our summer plantings. (They didn't. Well... they had one thing out of about five. So there will be more shopping in the next few weeks.)

Did I get my book read for Monday night's book club? No.
Did I get any of the baking done (two different items, both needing to be done by Monday)? No. (Although I did haul everything up from the basement in preparation for it.)
Did I write letters or catch up on email or any kind of correspondence? No.

But I did get quite a list of things done. On top of the errands, I also washed dishes and made dinner and walked the dog in a not-quite-shower. So I know I did things. I can tell by looking around. So why do I feel like I got so little done?

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