Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting (Christmas) Carded

I've mentioned in the past that I really like getting "real" mail. I mean... email is nice, and text messages have their purpose, but getting a piece of physical mail is definitely the winner.

I think that's one more reason why I really like the weeks that lead up to Christmas. This period between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been my favorite time of the year for a long time. I like that it's about the anticipation and the hope and the joy of the season, but without the pressure of the actual Christmas day.

Because, let's just admit it, there's a lot of pressure wrapped up in trying to have the perfect holiday every Christmas. Perfect presents. Perfect meals. Perfect set-up for let-down.

On the other hand, this week, I've been thinking about baking cookies, and listening to seasonal music, and - yes - getting really excited when the mail comes and we have Christmas cards.

I love the styles of them. I love the way you can really look at one and see the person who sent it (whether or not it's a photo card). And I love putting them around the living room and being able to kind of be surrounded by the well-wishes of people I may have known for years, or months, or even (since Christopher and I each have friends from before we started dating) people I've never met.

Luckily, Christopher and I both feel pretty strongly about Christmas cards, so we do our best to send out a bunch of them - mostly on time - each year. We add new names each year, and are always hoping to get a card from some new friends, as well.

It's festive. It's fun. And it's a whole lot fewer calories than eating another pan of cookies. (Wait. What? I'm supposed to share them? Says who? Is this one of those "he knows if you've been bad or good" qualifiers?)

And, yes, it's one of only two times of year when I truly don't mind getting carded.*

*(The other - if you're looking to mark your calendar - is my birthday at the end of May. Because even Christmas cards can't beat getting carded on your birthday.)

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