Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Christmas . . . Dragon?

I fully admit that I really like seeing the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. (Christopher and I, unfortunately, don't have any outside outlets, so we can't join in the fun.)

The house next door has "icicle" lights and a wreath at the peak of their roofline.

The house kitty-corner from us has their tree in the front window, and a "star" in an upper window.

A house about a block away has wrapped the trunk of a huge maple tree in stripes of white and green lights, and the house across the street from them has a white picket fence lined with white twinkle lights.

We may not have the brightest street in town when it comes to Christmas lights, but it's definitely festive.

A couple of years ago, one of the houses across the street from us had an inflatable snowman that kept partially deflating and tipping over. Another house had an inflatable Santa.

This year, the house across the street has lights along the eaves. And a dragon.

Sure, during the day the lights are simply draped in the front shrubs and along the fence. But, at night, the dragon comes out to play and shoots fire out toward the street. It's both magical and festive, in it's way - definitely better than a deflated snowman.

And did I mention that it's probably only visible from our house, because of the angle you have to be at to see the effect?

The view from our living room - you can see the top of the blinds at the bottom of the photo.
Magical, festive, and ephemeral in its way. If that doesn't make the dragon perfect for Christmas, I don't know what would.

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Robin said...

aww - so cool - and magical!