Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anticipation... Not Always Worth It

Who else remembers the old ketchup commercials that used the Carly Simon song "Anticipation" as their "slogan"?

We're supposed to be made to believe that waiting makes things better - and (more specifically) that the ketchup was worth the wait.

Well, as much as I would love to say that waiting does make all things better, I have to admit that a number of things simply end up with the pent-up expectations not matching up with the reality.

Sadly, in these days of TiVo, we seem to be running into that more than you'd think.

You see, Christopher and I try to keep up on our shows as we go, but when we get a new show it sometimes takes us a few weeks to get started (this is, in part, by choice, since it gives us the chance to do small binges of shows, instead of having to watch one at a time).

Usually, this is a good thing. It's how we introduced ourselves to "American Horror Story" last season, and that turned out really well.

Tonight, however, we finally started watching the TV series version of "The Transporter." We had multiple episodes all stored up, and we started to watch it, tonight.

In theory, it's just like the movie - hot guy, hot car, danger around every turn when he just wants to have a nice day. But it just doesn't seem to work, you know? The stunts are still cool, the cars are exciting, and the hot guy does take off his shirt pretty often, but somewhere it just misses its mark for us.

We watched the first episode, and decided to try another, just to see. And, well, I've been checking Facebook and doing some web searches all through the second episode.

Among other things, the show was obviously made outside of the States, so there's nudity (constantly blurred) and swearing (constantly "muted" - giving us gaps in the middle of sentences), and it just ends up falling a bit flat.

Is it something that I'd be happy to continue to watch in the background? Sure. But is it going to be "appointment television"? Sadly, no. In fact, it's also no longer going to be stacking up on our TiVo.

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