Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bringing This Into Focus

I'm very happy to say that it seems that the new layout of the blog is meeting favorable reviews. I've had 3 or 4 people contact me to say that they like it. And even Christopher approved. So I think it'll stay around for a while.

I've also had one person ask me whether I changed it so that some of the readers who are getting a bit older would have less trouble reading it. I'd love to say that I was thinking of other people when I did the re-design. But I'd be lying.

You see, I did the re-design for me. I simply decided that I needed something different to look at every day. And I thought this new style was kind of fun. (And I'm still contemplating changing out the top photo, if I'm being honest.)

But, okay, here's the thing. When I first chose the template, the main post text was supposed to be white on a black background (as it is in the right-hand margin). And I find that to be really annoying and difficult to read when you have to read a lot of it. I used to work in computer systems that were white on black (or orange on black, or green on black), and I just don't really ever want to do that, again. So I swapped it out for black on white, leaving the right-hand columns in the reverse for contrast.

And then I looked at the main text and thought "but in italics... or when I put in a small caption... that's going to be really small." At which point I bumped the font up a size, at least for the main text.

So... yeah... I guess I did change the font, in part, for the reader who is getting older and finding some of the text harder to read. It's just that the reader in question was me.

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