Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Have I mentioned, lately, that we've been getting a lot of rain in the past month? We've had enough, in fact, that the damp grey ick from outside has begun to permeate into the house.

Unfortunately, our dehumidifier decided that it was done with us last fall. And while we didn't need to worry about it over the winter - when we actually have to humidify the house - the basement has become a tad damp this spring.

The house, as a whole, seems fine. It's just the basement where the musty is threatening to set in. And, well, considering it has felt a bit swampy outside the past few days, I'm very happy to say that the new dehumidifier showed up, today.

It's not the most attractive of household appliances. Definitely not "sexy" or anything. But it's a nice enough size, and it has a handle, and it's on wheels. And it even has a little indicator on the front so you can see how full the tank is. (Our old one would just shut off from time to time to indicate that it was full.)

With any luck, now that we have the new unit, the weather will also turn around and the city of Minneapolis will stop feeling like Seattle, or Savannah, or some other damp, foggy, humid place that smells faintly of feet.

Although I'm not sure the dehumidifier is *quite* strong enough to take care of all of that.

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