Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pride and Weddings

It's Pride weekend in Minneapolis (and a bunch of other places, like San Francisco and New York City) this weekend. And everywhere I turn, people are asking me if I'm going to be at the festival or the parade.

I'm not.

I think we've discussed, in the past, that I went to Pride numerous times when I lived out in Baltimore and was in my 20s or early 30s. In other words, back when hot weather, big crowds, and port-a-potties actually sounded like a fun way to spend a day.

I know that this is a fairly monumental year for gay rights and gay marriage. The Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and California's Prop 8 in the past week, coupled with the passage of gay marriage in Minnesota has been huge. But I still find those things to be kind of private.

A friend of mine is in San Francisco this weekend and has been posting on social media pictures and video of people getting married. And a friend of mine actually posted that he and his partner of 14 years were married today, as well. (Congrat's, guys!)

And that's really cool. I mean... really cool.

Even so, instead of going to the festival and celebrating in the massive crowds of people, Christopher and I will be in a smaller crowd, tomorrow, celebrating a wedding. A straight wedding.

While that's probably not earth-shattering news for many people, it is certainly going to be life-changing for the two of them. And, considering that it's an inter-denominational wedding, it's also something that would have been unheard of a couple of generations ago.

So I guess that, tomorrow, we'll kind of be thanking the past for creating the present. While we all look forward to the future.

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