Saturday, June 1, 2013

9-9-7 Mulch A-Two

One of the things I've noticed along the way is that I have a tendency to come back to the same topics from time to time.

A lot of those are things which I've turned into the "Labels" that show up at the bottom of the posts. Some of them are kind of broad (like "travel") while some are more specific (like "John Barrowman").

Well, today I offer you something that is even more repetitive than any of those things. Under the heading of "Gardening" in late 2011, I wrote about mulching the planting beds around our house after the 50-year-old bushes had been taken out. (See the original Mulch Ado About Nothing, here.)

And, when I got home from work on Friday of this week, we had another huge Snuffleupagan mound of mulch in the driveway. It took me a couple of hours on Friday night, and another hour or so today, to move enough of it to cover the areas that needed some re-filling. And then to fill in a few areas to make the colors match. OH - and to move enough of it off the driveway so that Christopher can get his car in and out of the garage.

Thankfully, this year's Snuffleupagus was a bit smaller than the one from 2011. So my body doesn't hurt in quite as many places. And, thankfully, the rain has been light the past 24 hours, so the mulch didn't get too wet and heavy while I was working on it.

As I proceed toward (and beyond) post 1,000, I'm sure that I'll find myself repeating topics from time to time. I really hope that those pieces of repetition are less painful for you to read than the second round of mulch was for me to move.

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Dragonfly said...

well let's not call it repetitive - it is a spiral and so you'll circle round to the same topic but in ever deepening layers. :-)