Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stuff On... My Mind - A Tiz List of Sorts

The votes are in, and the overwhelming winner in the poll of "What is the best way to finish the phrase 'stuff on...'?" was "my mind." (Yep. That write-in answer received 100% of the vote.) (No. Not "100% of the votes," just 100% of the vote. The one vote. Which, I must admit, made tallying it all up really fast.)

So tonight, I offer you a list of things that have been on my mind, lately:

1) I think I might have an ulcer. Or a gallstone. 

2) I didn't realize that you could have gallstones without a gallbladder, but apparently you can. Ever since I learned that, I've started to wonder whether that could be the odd feeling I get in my gut sometimes after eating fatty foods. 

3) I'm kind of enjoying letting my beard grow out. But I really hate that it's getting too long at the back of my jawline - and it seems to want to curl OUT, there. It's really not very curly anywhere else, which makes it that much more annoying.

4) The mustache/chin/cheek areas look really good, though. Except that I've found that now my entire chin has gone grey, and the grey extends down onto the beard on my throat. Kinda skunk-style. 

5) I really need a haircut. 

6) When I see ads for Rogaine, I immediately consider whether or not I have the money in my budget. So far, I don't. 

7) I also really need to start looking into getting a new car. 

8) Since I can't afford the money for Rogaine, you can imagine that a new car payment might also be out of my reach at the moment. 

9) I don't hate winter. But the fact that this one got so cold, so early has really made me dislike this one. It doesn't help that the 1-3" of snow we were supposed to get the other night looked more like 4-6" when it was done. And when I got home from running around this afternoon our driveway had been "plowed in," so that I had to shovel out a path from the street to the driveway before I could drive in. 

10) I really want to run away somewhere for, like, a week. Somewhere vacation-y, not somewhere where I have to do anything. Maybe New York, or DisneyWorld, or Paris. (See also #6 and #8.)

11) If money were no object, I would travel a lot more. I would fly first class, even though I probably wouldn't worry about upgrading accommodations and such. 

12) I really love good train travel.

13) I'd kinda like to take off a summer and just drive around the country. I'd love to drive along Route 66. Whenever I go on roadtrips, I've always got somewhere I have to be, so I never really get to enjoy the drive - which is probably why it sounds like fun. 

14) Honestly, I suspect I'd get really bored of driving that after the first few days. Even with a really good set of CDs in the car with me. 

15) If heaven is a place, I think that I'd like it to be the kind of place where you can instantly go from one location to another. So if I decided I wanted to check out the Great Wall of China one day and Machu Picchu the next, I could do that. 

16) One of the things I miss most about living in Paris is the streetcorner shops where I could pick up flowers while on my way home from work. I don't work/live near anywhere that I can do that at the moment. 

17) Once, when I was visiting London, I went to a street market and bought flowers. It's amazing how people stop treating you like a tourist and start treating you like you live there when you're carrying flowers. 

18) Fresh flowers may be one of my favorite luxury items to have in the house. We currently have yellow roses with red streaks in them on the table near the couch.

19) Recently someone who mis-heard my name when we were introduced thought that my name was Trevor. I apparently don't look like a Robert, because that's never the name people guess when they get my name wrong. 

20) I kind of miss the days in college when - for reasons way too long for this post - a group of my friends all thought my name was George. 

21) I'm way behind on 8/28 Cooking Challenge blog posts. 

22) If I were ever to open a restaurant, it would have to be like the "Homesick Restaurant" in Anne Tyler's Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant. The chefs only made what they wanted, and they served diners what they felt the diners needed. Basically, it's the same way I feel about having people over for dinner. 

23) I just pulled a feather out of the couch cushion I'm sitting against, because it was sticking out and jabbing me in the back. 

24) That feather just completely derailed my train of thought - if you can call #1-#23 a train of thought - so I think I'll be stopping now.

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