Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Style Versus... Well... Anything

Driving through Minneapolis in the winter is always a bit interesting. Not the roads or the traffic, but watching the pedestrians.

There's a strange blend of people who are dressed, shall we say, "normally," with the group of people who look like they put on everything in the closet without looking in the mirror.

I mean... I know that it's cold. And I know that my heaviest coat is kind of frumpy and ugly. But I have nice scarves, and ear muffs that match my gloves. And, in fact, for Christmas, my mom made me a matching hat and scarf that one of my office mates was totally raving over, yesterday. (True story, Mom!)

While I was driving in yesterday morning, though, I saw someone with a yellow, purple, blue, and white argyle stocking cap with a yellow pom-pom on top. Nothing he was wearing went with that hat. Honestly, I don't know of anything that would have gone with it.

Sure, we see the people who are dressed for the "funk" factor. And many of them are probably even doing pretty well at keeping warm. But then you see the women who seem to be wearing skirts made of down-filled ripstop nylon, and you wonder what the heck people are thinking.

We all have our reasons for looking forward to spring. Occasionally mine just happen to be sartorial in nature.

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