Friday, January 17, 2014

stuff on

You know, I really have no idea what the title of this post means.

I've been trying to go back through and dig up any of the "Draft" posts, and then I've been editing them out and writing new posts, just so that the count of the number of posts I've written gets to be as close to correct as possible.

Many of the posts have a title, and then one or two lines. Some have a title and then most of a post. And there are a few with parts of a post, but no title. (I'm guessing that a lot of these were created by Blogger trying to save copies of posts when my Internet connection is being flaky.)

Even so, most of the posts are at least figure-out-able. You can kind of tell where it was going. And many of them are listed immediately below a completed post with the same name.

But I came across this one tonight. Completely empty except for the title "stuff on".

Not immediately next to another post with the same name, even. I mean... I know I did a post about "stuff on top of cars" (or maybe trucks?) a while back, but this wasn't next to that when I opened it.

So, for tonight, I leave you to contemplate "stuff on."

If you can think of anything it might have meant, please let me know and I'll work from there.

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LORRY said...

I like "on your mind"