Saturday, April 5, 2014

An Uncommon Saturday - Errands, Pottery, and Matthew Morrison

If I'm being honest, the "errands" part of the day is relatively common for me on a Saturday. Because the pup tends to wake me up on Saturday mornings, I usually just go ahead and throw on some clothes and a hat and go run errands just as the shops are opening - before everyone else is there.

Typically, though, that's only 2 or 3 errands. Today, it was 10. Spoiler Alert: I actually got them all done and was home by 12:30 this afternoon.

Just to give you the quick rundown, here is the list: ATM for cash, Haircut, Trader Joe's, UPS Store, 1/2-Price Books, Surdyk's (wine store), Bone Adventure (pet supplies), Macy's for the flower show, Post Office, Art show (okay... not really an errand, but it was on my list). And, yes, I had my list broken out by when places opened, so that I could maximize the time.

I'm very happy to say that I left the art show for last, because a cousin of mine (well, she's a "first-cousin-once-removed-in-law" - but "cousin" is much easier) was showing her pottery, and her husband (my first-cousin-once-removed) was there with her. Added bonus, two of his cousins (again my first-cousins-once-removed) were there at the same time I was. So I definitely spent more time there than anywhere else.

I refuse to confirm or deny whether or not I purchased the bowl in this picture. Just because it was photographed in our kitchen is no proof of anything:

After a bit of a nap - strictly for the sake of the pup, I promise - I got up and got ready this evening and went out for the most uncommon portion of the day: Matthew Morrison in concert with the Minnesota Orchestra.

The first half of the program was the Orchestra playing their version of showtunes - so it was "Candide" and "Cavaliere Rustica" (which is probably misspelled, but I'm too tired to google it), as well as "My Fair Lady" and "The Sound of Music." I love when they do this stuff, but I do kind of wish they'd find some showtunes from the last half century... (Maybe some symphonic Sondheim? or even some orchestral arrangements of "Les Mis" if they want something a bit more well-known these days?) It was incredibly sweet, though, to watch the older couple next to me hold hands during these pieces - and the gentleman next to me hummed along (just slightly off-key, which made it even better, really).

The second half of the program was all about Matthew Morrison. If the name is familiar, it's probably because he is the teacher on "Glee." But he's actually done a bunch of theater, including being Tony-nominated for his role in "The Light in the Piazza." Before he came out on stage, the voice-over was introducing him, and eventually (I was sitting near-ish the front) we could tell that he was actually doing his own introduction from just off to the side of the stage. And that's kind of what the evening was like.

(His promo photo from the MN Orchestra website - the hat worked much better in person)

He was suave, cutting some great dance moves in a perfectly-tailored tux. He was funny - self-deprecating in that "but now I'm cool" way. He was debonair and flirty, and had just a bit of a naughty glint in his eye the entire evening as he worked his way through jazz and theater standards. He jumped off the stage for a quick dance in the aisle with a (very lucky) young woman while singing "Sway With Me," and he jumped up on the director's podium and danced with the conductor during one of his other numbers.

I got the feeling that he was really enjoying himself - and that fronting a big band (an orchestra is sort of a big band, right?) is where he kind of belongs. And since he was enjoying himself, the audience did, too.

The evening ended with a single encore - "Singin' in the Rain" - which he performed complete with an umbrella and some more serious dance moves.

About 14 hours after I first left home this morning, all of my weekend errands are done, I may or may not have a new bowl, the pup is ready for another nap, and I have a bunch of old standards running through my head.

Yet, I'm kind of glad that this was the uncommon day, because tomorrow I'm going to be pooped. Happy, but pooped.

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