Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sometimes It's Just Time

Christopher and I just got back from a wedding. It was a great wedding - the ceremony itself was both serious and funny - and the drinks were good and the dinner was nice and we had a really great time meeting people.

The guys who got married celebrated their 14th anniversary, yesterday, so they are starting year 15 as husbands. And that is kind of amazing.

But... anyway... that's not the type of timing I meant to talk about.

You see, after the ceremony and the drinks (which were had while the wedding party were out doing photos, so you know that the allotted half hour stretched for a while), and after the dinner and the toasts and the cake (because... really... weddings are all about the cake, right?), the DJ started up the music.

We actually danced during the first "all-skate" dance, since they asked if everyone who had come as a couple would come to the dance floor. And it was really nice.

And then the thumping bass beat kicked in and the DJ was starting to get everyone on the dance floor, with the caveat that they would be there all night, and no one would be leaving early.

About two songs after that, we started saying our good-byes and heading for the door. It was an incredibly fun evening and it was so great to see them get married and meet all the new people, but we were also finding that we were tired and ready to go.

But don't worry - we didn't leave early. We simply left when it was time for us to leave.

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