Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Paris Combo

No, we didn't actually travel anywhere yesterday. For the second night in a row, we went to the Dakota in downtown Minneapolis. Because that's the way things go, right? You don't go to a concert in months, and then you see two back-to-back.

When we were looking at seating for the Storm Large concert, I noticed that Paris Combo was also coming to town. Which is a big deal, because they mainly perform in Europe. So we got tickets to that concert, too. And that brings us to last night - our second night in a row at the Dakota.

The concert was nothing like Sunday with Storm Large. Sure, they were both jazz, and they both sang a lot about love. And the lead singer was a woman. But that's pretty much where the similarities ended.

Belle du Berry is what I would consider to be the epitome of a French woman. Sexy, self-assured, flirty, and in complete control of the situation. And although I have heard a lot of the Paris Combo music in the past - and though you usually find that live performances are just a little bit off from recorded ones - I found her to be even more in control of the music last night.

And the combo - string bass, guitar, drums, and an Australian trumpet player who also played piano - was great fun. They even did one piece where the trumpet played into/through a bowl of water. It was amazing.

In the course of the evening, we clapped along. We sang along. We gave a standing ovation before they came back for an encore.

Where Storm Large had us laughing and raucous, Paris Combo found me smiling - even if I didn't necessarily understand all of the words - and contemplating moving to Paris. Or Montreal, at least.

Find out more about them (like where they're playing or where to buy their CDs) on their website: www.pariscombo.com. Unlike Storm Large, I doubt they'd beat you up if you don't check them out - but I really think you might beat yourself up if you miss them.

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