Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Choose Your Own Adventure... Or Don't

What would you do if you found yourself at the airport on a Wednesday afternoon with your passport, your credit card, and no desire to go back to work?

Would you book a flight and disappear?

Would you go to your Global Entry interview appointment, then leave and go back home?

Or would you find some other option?

It's probably obvious since I'm blogging tonight that I didn't fly off into the sunset, but I really did consider it for a little while.

I left work early today to go to the airport to finish the process of getting my Global Entry information set up, so that it will - hopefully - be faster to go through Customs and Border Patrol when I travel in the future. (Because this year I plan to get farther out of the Cities that my parents' house in South Dakota.)

This means that, after four hours of slogging through the manuscript I'm working on, I found myself standing in the airport with all of my documents. I was standing next to the Arrivals and Departures boards and thinking "Where could I go...?"

But then I turned around and headed back to my car to run a couple of errands, grab lunch, and head home.

Then, in a really great turn of events, Christopher and I spent some time tonight looking into our next trip - for which I'll use my passport, my credit card, AND my new Global Entry info.

Choosing my next adventure... made even more exciting because it will be our next adventure.

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