Friday, February 20, 2015


Christopher and I are beginning some work on our bathrooms. Or, more precisely, we're beginning to figure out what needs to be done to our bathrooms, which someone else will be doing for us.

The upstairs bathroom is very nicely put together. Original to the house (1950s), but not in shades of pink or pale blue. It's actually in a slightly off-grey, which is really kind of cool.

The downstairs bathroom, however, was obviously put in about 20 years later. And I'm guessing it was done by a friend of a friend. Or maybe by an itinerant worker who spent the summer here and wanted a bathroom.

It seems that they put some wallboard up, dropped in a toilet, sink, and shower, and said "Good to go."

But, over time, we've found that the drain in the floor of the shower doesn't actually connect to the drain in the floor. It just sits "above" it. And I've always found it interesting that the shower light bulb is actually open to the shower - not covered in any way.

So we're doing some shopping for the downstairs bathroom. Starting with tile. We went out last week and pretty easily found some wall tile (a basic white subway tile), but have stumbled a bit on the flooring. We know what we want (black and white and hopefully in keeping with the age of the house), but we just can't find it.

Which is why, tonight, I've been searching online for "black white ceramic bathroom floor tile", hoping to get the right set of key words so that I don't keep getting shown things like Scrabble tiles and black ceramic tea kettles.

I'm sure we'll find something soon enough, but for now... well... we're just wondering if we'll be floored before we've got flooring.

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