Thursday, July 23, 2015

Getting Our Ducts in a Row

Having spent a bunch of the past 3 months with the basement bathroom under renovations, we've been putting off doing some of the final clean-up stuff until it was all done.

Well, we're still in the same weird 95% complete stage on the bathroom(s), but today we had someone come out to clean our air ducts.

Christopher had this done a few years ago, but we can't remember when. Even so, when the guy turned on his mega-vacuum, he started pulling out all sorts of stuff. Sure, there was dog hair and dust in it. We knew that would be there.

But, as I listened to things rattle through the hose, circling around the living room floor, I started to think we were getting a little more out of it than we expected. Masonry, to be exact. Quarter-sized chunks of it, coming up from the bottom of the ductwork.

On the plus side, by the time he got downstairs most of the chunks were already gone, so it got much quieter, which meant that the pup was able to calm down a bit.

And... quieter... calmer pup... meant that I got to relax a bit, too.

Yeah... it's nice to feel like we're getting our ducks in a row.

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