Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Food (and Thursday, and Saturday, and Sunday...)

Christopher and I seem to go weeks without going out to eat. Sure. We'll pick up burgers on the way home from a shopping expedition. Or we'll get a pizza ordered in.

But looking at our calendar for the month of July we had one planned brunch out on it, as well as one dinner out when my sister and brother-in-law were in town. That's it.

We both really like to eat out - we both like food in general - but we just haven't been taking the time to eat out. Luckily, the way a hard rain can break a drought, we're making up for lost time at the moment - and we're doing it internationally.

Last night, after doing some errands after work, we decided going out to eat on the way home would be easier than making dinner. So we ate at one of our favorite Indian places.

Tonight, we had dinner with a friend at a French place in St. Paul. Tomorrow afternoon we're going out with friends to a Mexican restaurant, and then on Sunday we're capping the weekend with Thai food.

It's all great food, but... wow... by the time I'm home on Monday night hanging out with the pup, I'm really going to just want a peanut butter sandwich on white bread and a glass of milk.

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