Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Be Boring

Someone sent out a link to a video on YouTube today, and I watched it. I know that seems pretty normal, but it's not something I usually do. I usually stay pretty far away from videos of cute kittens or cute kids or anything political - and that tends to remove most videos that people send around.

But I was waiting for my lunch to arrive today (because it was cold out and so I didn't want to eat my cold lunch, so I ordered a hot calzone, instead), and my defenses were down. And I watched the video.

I'd give you a link to it, but I honestly can't remember which friend posted it, or what it was called. All I really remember is that, at one point, the main person admonished his viewers "Don't Be Boring."

What makes it more interesting is that I've been thinking a lot about that kind of idea in the past week. (Remember my "Taste"-related post from Tuesday?)

In the standard "January, New Year, New Changes" kind of way, I've been pondering what I'm doing with my life and what mark I might be leaving. Yes, I know that, as with most resolutions, I'll get over this soon enough, but right now I'm still pondering all of that.

Last weekend, when we had our shindig, I found myself laughing a lot. And not polite laughs, but loud ones that kind of roll out of the throat. Loud enough that at least once people in another conversation looked up to see what was going on. I don't do that very often at work.

And, yes, I know that work is work - which is why it's called "work." I do enjoy my job, in general, some days can just be a bit disheartening. And, at times, I wonder what I'm doing if I spend full days at work without at least once a day getting that much joy out of anything I'm doing. Of course, the pay is decent, and for the first time in years I'm actually working in a field I actually studied for, which makes it feel like not liking it is a form of being ungrateful.

Even so, perhaps it's time to at least start thinking about a new job. One where I don't worry that I might become boring.

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