Sunday, February 10, 2013


There comes a point in your life when, if all goes well, you find yourself inextricably linked. It could be to someone or to something, but it will happen.

My hope for all of us is a positive, happy, link to a someone. I find that links to things - be they jobs, possessions, or whatever - tend to not be as fulfilling (at least for me) as links to people.

I have links that are represented by kitsch on my walls and shelves. I have links that only really show up around Christmas card season. I even have links that may or may not be healthy as they sit in the back of my mind and make me doubt myself from time to time.

But the links that I love are the ones that - although they may be represented by kitsch or show up in the Christmas cards or even make me wonder what I was thinking - make me smile and make me happy to have them.

I fully admit that some of the people I consider to be my best friends are people I seldom see. That some of those same people are people I knew - in an instant - I would always want to be friends with. (At least in part because they wouldn't complain if I end sentences with prepositions.)

Tonight, I was reminded just how linked Christopher and I have become in the past seven-and-a-half years.

After a relatively social first half of the weekend, we spent much of today simply hanging out on the couch, looking at the snow coming down outside. We ate things that were bad for us - but which fit into the hibernation mood - and we napped and, basically, "snow-dayed."

This evening, Christopher went to remove an event from his online calendar, because he won't be able to go to it. I'll still be going, but he won't. But his calendar decided that, since he had created the even and shared it with me, it needed to be removed from both of our linked calendars.

Technologically, it was a very minor pain. He removed it from the calendar, and then I simply had to go back in and create a separate event on my own calendar. It took thirty seconds, tops.

Relationshipally, it was a nice little reminder of just how linked we are. And the smile that brought to mind is still going on.

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