Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's one of those words that can mean so many things, and, really, none of them are good.

Have a head cold? Stuffy.

In a room with no air movement? Stuffy.

Dealing with someone who doesn't know how to relax? Stuffy.

Name of one of the Seven Dwarfs? Not Stuffy.*

A primary feeling of late February in Minnesota? Yep, that, too.

I've been feeling both sinus-y, and trapped in a room with no air, lately. I'm dying to open the windows and get to that part of the year when you can put on shorts and t-shirts and not have to worry about coats and gloves.

Driving to work the past couple of mornings - when there has been thick fog around - the entire area has smelled of smog. By afternoon, when the fog has burned off, we're back to a kind of "damp" smell from all of the melting/re-freezing snow. I have to admit that I'm not sure which is better.

All that I know is that... eventually... this will become spring. And the Stuffy will go away for a while. And, frankly, I can't wait.

*Happy, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc - because I know you were going to be bothered by that.

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