Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Techno (?) Tuesday

I think we've discussed one or two (hundred) times over the course of this blog that I may not be the most technologically savvy of folks.

I also don't always like to go out and buy new tech when old tech still works. I hate the whole "planned obsolescence" thing that we have going on these days.

So, when I came in to work a couple of months ago and found that my earbuds had - mysteriously - suddenly had a huge change in the cord, and only the left ear was still producing sound, I just kind of let it slide. (I believe said "mystery" may have been a swap of my earbuds with those of someone on the cleaning crew...) I simply cleaned them well and moved on.

I mean... about half of the things I need to know about changes going on in the company I learn about through hearing other people talk. So having only one earbud in was actually a good thing. In fact, I think about half of my officemates do the same thing - on purpose.

But I decided, a week or two ago, that I was going to do something about this when my next paycheck came in. That, as it so happens, was last Friday. Which is why I found myself at Target on Saturday using a Christmas Gift Card to buy new earbuds. (Yeah, I know, in retrospect I probably didn't need to wait for a payday when I was going to use a gift card...)

When I asked if they could be returned if they didn't fit my ears (no), the two overly helpful guys in the audio area proceeded to suggest all sorts of upgraded styles - all of which were out of my price range (because I refuse to buy really good earbuds if I'm going to be leaving them at work). And all of which would also have been non-returnable if they didn't fit. When I made my decision, Chanel would be happy - I went for basic black.

Today is my first day of using them at work, and I started the morning thinking something was wrong. Sure, there was sound coming from both buds, but the right side was much more... distant... than the left. After all that time with only a left-ear earbud, I had been looking forward to stereo sound. This was not it.

Then it dawned on me that - multiple months ago - I had shifted all of the sound to the left ear, to try to compensate for the lack of right-ear tech.

Twenty-seven (give or take) clicks, and two slider bars, later, I have actual stereophonic sound at my desk, again.

All of which, I'm guessing, makes Christopher ever-so-slightly proud of me, and makes the rest of you slightly amazed that I can function in the 21st century.

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