Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

It's been a while since I tossed out a list of ponderable topics. And they've been building up in my brain, so before I have an aneurysm, here are the top ten:

1) Why is it that every pair of button-fly jeans has one button hole that is so tight that you can almost never get it undone - and another which is so loose that you're constantly running the risk of flashing your co-workers?

2) Why doesn't Pandora have a "repeat" option so that, if you hit that perfect song, you could listen to it, again?

3) How is it that businesses can take your money "instantly" from your accounts, but returns take a minimum of "3 to 5 business days"?

4) If you get to the point where you can't remember why someone wanted you to boycott a business - and you can't find any information on it - can you go back to that business guilt-free?

5) Why are the people who don't use a service frequently the ones to complain the loudest when changes happen?

6) Was there actually a justification for moving the start and end dates of Daylight Saving Time?

7) Why do issues of magazines come out months before the month they are dated for? (I think we just got an  issue of something dated "April 2013" this week. Why not just put the date when it's being sent out and have future stuff in it?)

8) Why do retailers roll things out in the wrong seasons? (While I'm thrilled to have Cadbury Eggs and Robin Eggs in the stores a month or two before Easter, the fact that I can no longer buy humidifier filters - in the middle of winter when the house is dry - is a bit ridiculous.)

9) Is there really a difference between the Left and Right earbud? (Oh. Wait. I just tried to swap mine from one ear to the other, and they actually are shaped differently. But many of them are just round and rubber-ized. Why label those "L" and "R"?)

10) Why is it that, sometimes when I clean my glasses, they turn out perfectly clear, and other times they seem to just get smeared and foggy? What in the heck is getting on my glasses?

So... Yeah... Those are the things that have been bouncing through my mind, lately. Unfortunately, this is one case where writing them down didn't give me closure. But if you have any suggested (and/or helpful) answers to the above, I'd be much obliged to hear them. Thanks.

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