Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up and a Bad Quote to Ponder

We had a pretty decent weekend. The wedding we went to was the perfect blend of casual and formal for the couple, and it was just really great to see it all happen.

Unfortunately, it kind of tired us out. Especially since it was the first real outing Christopher has been on in the past week or so - aside from making it to work last Friday. (Nothing like a summer sinus infection - compounded by seasonal allergies - to really get you down.)

So while we both stayed in on Friday evening, and then I went to brunch with a friend on Saturday (where I received a new cookbook to add to the list for the 8/28 Challenge), we both did make it out on Sunday. Only one problem: Going to a wedding on a Sunday made it seem like yesterday was only Saturday. Getting up this morning for work was painful.

Which, unfortunately, was compounded by the edit I'm currently working on.

The author seems to have completely ignored all of the times when his automated Spellcheck pointed out words that were spelled incorrectly. He got very close with "bosterious," I'll fully admit, but using "He looked out at them and said high" instead of "hi" (which, sadly, wouldn't have been caught by Spellcheck) is more the kind of problem I'm running in to.

Perhaps my favorite error of the past week is one that I came across today, which seemed good enough to share, here:

"His head pounded from his uncle's laughter. He took the anecdote, sat for a couple of minutes, then lifted himself off the couch and headed without a word to the bathroom where he vomited."

I figured, since most of my blog is anecdotal, that would fit right in. Although I do hope that I don't leave any of you nauseated and running for the bathroom.

(Spoiler alert: In case you're wondering, just a few pages later his uncle is actually poisoned. So I wonder if the typo was actually just Freudian foreshadowing...?)

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