Monday, November 4, 2013

Election Eve

No, it's not a Presidential election year. In Minnesota it's not even a gubernatorial election year. But tomorrow is, in fact, an election day.

We've got City Council people up for election in our area. And - you may have heard of this - we've got 35 people running for mayor of Minneapolis.

Yes. Thirty-five.

There are some serious candidates that you can actually take seriously. There are some not-very-serious candidates who would like to be taken seriously. And there are some people that you can't believe are serious.

There's a pirate - but he's not part of the Pirate party.

There's the group who profess that Laura Ingalls (yes, that Laura Ingalls) is God.

There's the guy who I'm pretty sure swore in the online ad where he came walking out of one of the lakes in a bathing suit.

And tonight I have to figure out which people to vote for. You can probably assume that I'm not going to vote for any of those last three I listed. But I really have to figure out which of the seriously serious people to vote for.

I figure that if I start studying the ballot now, I'll be good to go by tomorrow morning.

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