Saturday, November 16, 2013

We've Got Mail! (And It's Not Digital!)

Christopher and I were away from home last week and we had our mail held.

Remember how I had mentioned last week that we were getting a ton of mail before the election? Well, with that over, all I really expected to see when our mail started back up was two Netflix envelopes and - hopefully - a freelance paycheck.

We were around the house most of the day, and the mail never came. Or at least we assumed that the mail didn't come because, even though we weren't expecting much, we figured there would be those two DVDs from Netflix.

Just before Christopher headed for bed, he checked the mail one final time. The packet he brought in was held together by three rubber bands. Honestly, I'm not sure how it fit into our mailbox.

Apparently the 2nd week in November, this year, was Catalog Week. There were enough catalogs that the stack, all together, was probably about 3 inches thick.

Yes, there were also those two DVDs, a paycheck, some coupons, and even - gasp - one postcard and a real letter, but we were absolutely deluged with catalogs.

Part of me wants to be frustrated by that. But the other (much more giddy) part of me wants to stay up until the wee hours imagining all the things I could buy and have shipped to my door. Or - heck - it's almost Christmas, so I'll even happily imagine shipping some of them to other people's doors.

Either way, although I really want to be upset by the shift from election mailings to crass consumerism, all I can really do is enjoy the early stages of the pre-Holidays.

After all, the tree won't go up until after Thanksgiving, so the five-year-old kid inside me has to take what he can get in the meantime.

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