Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Travel Tuesday - More Alaska Pictures

Okay. It's been forever since we got back from Alaska, but I still haven't gotten many pictures up. Since part of that is because I've got a TON of pictures and couldn't ever put all of them up, I've decided to just give you a few of them that I like.

(Oh, if you want to catch up on earlier posts from Alaska, you can find a food post, here; and some only-in-Alaska signage, here.)

The 4th Avenue Theater (closed, unfortunately) in Anchorage.
The Anchorage Art Museum was really cool - complete with a whole section coordinated through the Smithsonian. But we saw this "rehearsal" one evening on our walk past it. *So* cool. 
On our way to see a glacier on the Kenai Peninsula (below), we passed this. 
I wish the color showed up better on this. The "glacier blue" that I'd always heard about came to (very cold) life in front of us.
A chunk of glacial ice (not from the one, above, but from a land-locked glacier which was dropping bits of itself into a stream. At the urging of our tour guide, I tasted it. It was... cold... and - for lack of a better term - "pure" tasting. 
We found these in an outfitter outside of Denali National Park. We did *not* try them, even though they made me laugh.
We saw the full rainbow on our drive across the Kenai Peninsula. It was one of those kind of amazing drive days (Christopher drove for *hours* as we covered lots of miles), but the scenery was worth it. (This is also the trip which landed us at the amazing cafe in Old Town Seward.)

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