Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost... Almost...

I kind of think that I might almost be ready for the Holiday.

Cookies are almost done.

The house is almost all tidied and spruced up.

Mailings are almost ready to go out.

Unfortunately, Christopher is almost coming down with some kind of cold/sinus thing. I am almost constantly feeling about half a step behind and an hour short on sleep. And it seems like the Holiday will be almost over by the time we're fully ready for it.

This all almost bugs the heck out of me. But - at least for tonight - I'm too tired to deal with it. In fact, as I'm posting this I'm almost off to bed.

Here's hoping that weather that isn't supposed to happen doesn't result in me tripling my commute times tomorrow so that I can actually try to get some things completely taken care of while I'm at home. (This morning, each time I turned on the weather they said "there's going to be a little snow, but it shouldn't impact rush hour" - then my commute to work took about 30 minutes longer than usual. The drive home took 70 minutes, instead of 25, basically killing an hour of my evening's work time...)

Rats. I almost made it all the way to the end of the post without totally going into whine mode. Almost.

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