Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow What Fun

I realize full well that it is already December, and that we frequently have snow on the ground in October.

But I also know that we had our last snowfall in May this year.

I realize that it is frequently below freezing for long periods of time in winter.

But I also know that the average highs this time of year are around 30 - not 10.

Which all goes to say that the weather we're dealing with - and about to deal with - is not amusing to me. It has taken me about an hour to drive home from work two out of three nights this week. And it took me about 15 minutes longer than usual to go in this morning (a trip which, on average, only takes me about 20 minutes total).

Consequently, I find myself simply feeling really tired tonight. I think it's because on long, snowy commutes, you're not only paying attention to all of the traffic, but also paying attention to the road. You're not just worrying about the people around you, but also worrying that the road is suddenly going to be glare ice and you're going to lose all control. Mentally, it's exhausting.

I know that, within the next month, I'll readjust to this style of life. I'll be used to the sub-zero windchills and the slippery streets. Not that I'll enjoy them, but at least I'll be used to them.

Until then, I apologize if my posts are less upbeat than usual. It's hard to write when your entire body simply wants to hibernate.

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