Monday, December 2, 2013

I Admit It: I Cyber-Monday-ed

As much as I avoid Black Friday (which, this year, seemed to start last Monday), and as much as I love Small Business Saturday (which, really, I try to do every day), I usually also kind of try to stay away from Cyber Monday (which was hard this year since it seemed to start last Saturday).

It's not that I am worried about online shopping in any way. I just hate the feeling of being manipulated into buying things. Especially when I feel like I might end up buying something I didn't want in the first place.

Today, however, I admit that I enjoyed the Cyber Monday deals. And, yes, I'm proud to say that I shopped around for the deals. There were a couple of things I could have bought off of sites that I like, but they didn't have any coupons - and my purchase would have been too small for free shipping - so I skipped them in favor of going out and doing in-person shopping later on.

Instead, I bought things that could get me discounts and free shipping. Well, except for the one thing which I thought was a slam dunk, but which kind of fell apart when I went to purchase it. So, instead, I went an alternate route which resulted in me paying regular price and shipping. (The horror!)

The end result? I'm still not done shopping, but at least I know where I stand. And some days that's all you can really hope for.

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