Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whither the Weather

I am having a bit of an issue trying to wrap my head around the actual and forecast weather for today and the next few days. 

Today, we had the warmest day on record for the 28th of December: 46 degrees according to Tomorrow, on the other hand, we're supposed to have a high of somewhere around five below zero.

Earlier in the week, we were warned that, with wind chills factored in, the "feels like" temperature overnight tomorrow night could be somewhere around -45 degrees in the Cities. 

Since we had no real wind chill today, that means that the actual high temperature difference will be about 51 degrees. But the "feels like" temperature difference will be over 90 degrees. 

In case you're wondering, tomorrow I don't plan to leave the house except to take care of the pup's constitutionals. Sadly, I suspect that I cannot stay in the house until March.

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Robin said...

I think staying inside - and warm - is a great idea! Sorry that the pup can't do the same...