Saturday, March 14, 2015


For the past couple of weeks, our router has been... well... flaky. And not the good kind of flaky, like a nice pie crust (Happy Pi Day!) or a croissant.

Not even the kind of flaky that I can be some times when I let my Gemini nature take the lead.

But the kind of flaky where you never really know what's going to be next.

I've found myself doing things like lying on the floor in the middle of the living room, because the signal had dropped where I was, and it came back about 3 feet closer to the router, and so I just stopped where I was, hoping that I wouldn't lose it again.

Yesterday, though, Christopher went out and bought a new router. And - being the computer guy in the house, as well as being a really great guy in general - he set it all up this afternoon in such a way that when I turned my computer back on, it would automatically reconnect.

So this evening I'm sitting in that "faraway" chair, with a solid wi-fi signal, and no hassle whatsoever.

Which means two things: Christopher is amazing, and life is good.

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