Monday, March 16, 2015

Laura, Cristela, and Tiffani

I think that, by now, you know that I enjoy fairly diverse television shows. I'm a Downton Abbey fan, an Amazing Race devotee, and a Glee watcher (though I refuse to say I'm a "gleek"). And then there are the mysteries like Castle, Elementary, and Sherlock.

And this year I've happily added The Mysteries of Laura, Cristela, and Dinner at Tiffani's to my list of random shows - three very different shows with one common theme: I would be more than happy to hang out with the title character in each.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find good photos of the guy she's dating, but Josh Lucas (on the right) is her ex.
The Mysteries of Laura is a detective show starring Debra Messing (you know, Grace from Will & Grace), and it allows her to be funny, smart, sexy, flirty, and hit all of these amazing notes that just make me happy to watch it. The supporting cast is incredible (and rather attractive - Laura has very eclectic, and very good, taste in men), and so I find myself really enjoying it. I have to admit that it's also nice to be watching a show that has a strong - yet not perfect - woman (who is actually in my age bracket) as its central character.

No, it's not a great photo, but I wanted to find one with Carlos Ponce in it. 
Cristela... well... I'll fully admit that one of the reasons I first watched it was because Carlos Ponce - whom I first heard of a number of years ago because he was a hot Latin singer (he's Puerto Rican, and was a Latin soap actor, but also a pop singer) - was going to be on it. But the show, which was created by its star Cristela Alonzo, is really good, so we've kept watching it. It's a "family comedy" with the main character living with her sister's family (and their mother), while trying to make it as an intern in a law firm. Sure, race is an issue in the show - after all, she's not white and it's set in Texas - but it's mainly about life and family. And Carlos... he's still very easy to look at.

The first "episode" was actually kind of a one-off pilot, but it's an actual series, now.
Dinner at Tiffani's is, technically, a cooking show. Or maybe an "entertaining" show. It's headed by Tiffani Thiessen (you know who she is... she was Kelly from Saved by the Bell, or "the suit's wife" on White Collar). Watching her as she works her way through putting together a dinner party with friends (mostly showbiz friends, so you get to see some great cameos) makes me want to have people over for dinner. She seems incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, and so although I may or may not ever make any of her recipes, I'll definitely keep watching.

Here's the catch, though: Each time I say that I really like a show, it goes away. Earlier this year, Christopher and I were out with some friends talking about the new show The McCarthys, and the next week we found out it had been cancelled. So now that I'm putting these comments out in the world I'm a little worried about what might happen. I guess the best I can suggest is that if you're not watching them already you should check them out soon - you never know how long they'll be around.

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Robin said...

I even hate to mention it - but thought the Mysteries of Laura were already canceled and they're just showing the rest of the episodes they'd recorded (but I hope I'm very wrong).