Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bad Quote Quotient - A Trio of "Triumph"

I stumbled across these three quotes, today, and realized that I had never shared them. (Please note that they are from three different sources - I can only imagine what the book that could have held all three would have been like...)

1. I think the author of this one kneaded a little help:

His massage was tantamount to a call for a pogrom against the Jews. 

Seriously? He got "pogrom" right, but misspelled "message"? How did that happen? 

2. Apparently the subject of this next one simply wasn't expected to do well with urban planning: 

He would never attain an office higher than senator and would not make any worthwhile conurbation toward saving freedom.

And, honestly, I never knew that working with urban sprawl could lead to the saving of freedom, anyway. 

3. This is why I seldom order shellfish unless they have the FBI seal of approval:

There was no information supporting the CIA clam.

I do feel bad, though... that poor clam had to fend for himself, with no government backing. 

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